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Pools & Spas 



Remodeling is the key to revitalizing your swimming oasis, transforming it into the pool of your dreams. Whether your pool needs a simple refresh or a complete makeover, our expert team can help. From updating the tiles and resurfacing the interior, to adding water features and state-of-the-art lighting, pool remodeling can significantly enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your pool. Reimagine your outdoor space with customized design options that reflect your lifestyle and preferences, and elevate your swimming experience to new levels of luxury and enjoyment.


Pool tiles are an essential element in the aesthetic and functional design of your swimming pool. Pools and Spas Unlimited offers a vast array of materials, colors, and patterns, pool tiles that not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a durable and easy-to-clean surface. From classic blue and vibrant mosaics to luxurious glass and natural stone, pool tiles can be tailored to complement your personal style and the surrounding landscape. Investing in quality tiles ensures a stunning, long-lasting finish that will make your pool a centerpiece for relaxation and entertainment.



Pool plastering is the ultimate finishing touch that marries durability and aesthetics for your aquatic paradise. Our top-tier pool plastering services not only safeguard the shell of your pool but also create a silky-smooth surface, ensuring both comfort and longevity. With a palette of colors and finishes at your disposal, Pools and Spas Unlimited empowers you to craft an environment that resonates with your taste and lifestyle. 


Pool coping is the crowning touch to your pool's edge, seamlessly blending function and flair. Our meticulously crafted coping options are designed to protect the pool structure while providing a safe and stylish ledge for swimmers. With a diverse array of materials and designs, Pools and Spas Unlimited ensures your pool's coping complements both the beauty of the water and the surrounding landscape. Experience the union of safety and sophistication with our exceptional pool coping selections.


Equipment Installs

At Pools and Spas Unlimited, we recognize that the perfect swimming experience is powered by top-notch equipment. Our equipment installation services are second to none, ensuring your pool or spa is equipped with the latest in technology for filtration, heating, and automation. Our experienced professionals take care of every detail, from selecting the right equipment to meticulous installation, laying the groundwork for effortless operation and maintenance. Trust Pools and Spas Unlimited to breathe life into your aquatic retreat with the ultimate in equipment installations.


At Pools and Spas Unlimited, we take pride in our state-of-the-art pool plumbing services that lay the very foundation of your aquatic sanctuary. Efficient and well-designed plumbing is the heartbeat of any pool or spa, ensuring optimal water circulation and pristine water quality. Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques and materials to construct a plumbing system that is both reliable and efficient. Pools and Spas Unlimited is dedicated to providing you with peace of mind, knowing that the hidden veins of your pool or spa are crafted with precision and excellence.


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